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Bicycle Truth Garden No.03 - сад истины

Дата выпуска: 2013 год
Значки, индексы: Дизайнерские
Края: Есть (Белые)
Бумага: Bicycle
Покрытие: Air-Cushion Finish
Размер: Poker
Упаковка: Новые в коробочке с пломбами и целлофаном
Цвет: Черный
Производитель: The U.S. Playing Cards Co. / Made in USA
Количество колод: Цена за 1 колоду
Голосов: 5
800 руб.
Кол-во Цена за шт
от 2 шт 670 руб.\шт

На складе: да
Вес продукта: 105 g

Bicycle Garden is back, after three years' wait.

Elegant and beautiful design from the China’s mind magician xiaowo chang.
The garden deck is the most popular in China, which is designed with the flavour of the noble JQK and imprisoned Joker.
The greatest difference between Bicycle TRUTH Garden Black deck and Cage Garden black deck is that the second edition adds a white edge, which is more conducive to performing magic, as well as two soul magic Geff Cards. Compared with cage garden deck, the v2 Truth garden is quality better.
About Gaff card - many magicians, such as Derren Brown, James Brown, Patrick Redford, Banachek, etc. have performed a similar disappearance memory effect like RGM, but I still appreciate the version by Luke Jermay. The friends who purchase gardens V2 will get this Gaff Card. This process appears in Luke 's Skullduggery and 7 Deceptions, and you will find that the card is helpful to your performance.
More secrets waiting for your discovery.
Three years ago. Xiao Wo Chang released bicycle cage garden just in China market
. Now it is very expensive in ebay. Now Aloys ' store will help XiaowoChang release Bicycle Truth Garden Deck 03 in the international market, which will provide more convenient service to satisfy the international collectors.

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