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De'vo's Pro XCM Viper - зеленые Dominion

Дата выпуска: 2014 год
Значки, индексы: Дизайнерские
Края: Нет (без краев)
Размер: Poker
Упаковка: Новые в коробочке с пломбами и целлофаном
Цвет: Зеленый
Производитель: The U.S. Playing Cards Co. / Made in USA
Другие особенности: Специальная красивая пломба
Количество колод: Цена за 1 колоду
Голосов: 26
800 руб.
На складе: да
Вес продукта: 105 g


A brand new deck by De'vo vom Schattenreich, with amazing artwork by Prof. D.W. Phelyx Hopkins. We worked together to bring something different in this world of 5 million cards that all look alike. This deck has been carefully designed to capture the eye, both still, and in motion. It is the most beautiful and versatile fanning deck on the market. This deck is mirror back fanning deck, meaning that you can use them normally and not worry about mixing up the back designs. These cards work great for all of your needs, but when you Fan one way and you'll get a beautiful bright red fan, fan the other way and you'll get a black different pattern. The fans were designed to be highly visible both on and off stage. Giant fans are amazing with this deck!

This deck comes with 4 cover cards, 2 blank jokers, and 2 double sided red and black cover cards. This is such an amazing deck in many ways! Deck concepts by De'vo with amazing artwork by Prof. D.W. Phelyx Hopkins.

The amazing new Dominion Fanning deck comes with two sets of these awesome Cover Cards. On one side is full red, and the other black. You place these on the top of the deck to make the deck appear the same as the cover card. You also get two sets of blank cards that can double as jokers. The double sets are so you can divide the deck in half and still have each half covered. Also they work great with one on top and bottom.

Black Spot cards have gradient pips, red cards have standard red pips in the corners only. None of the spot cards have center pips (but the court and aces do). All have this beautiful pattern in the center. De’vo didn't want a "standard" kind of deck with Dominion. He wanted to break the rules and create something truly different and beautiful!

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