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Детектор магнитов

Обучение: В комплект не входит
Голосов: 4
850 руб.
Вес продукта: 105 g

Magnetic Detector

Do away with your PK Rings! This is an electronic accessory that you could work into any effect where the use of magnets are employed. The detection range is dependant upon the size of magnet you are using. It is a silent vibration unit. It can be worn comfortably under your clothing. The creative person will find many uses for this.


A ball is given to a spectater(s), they can freely choose one of them to hold the ball on hand, magician just feel / touch spectator(s) hand then can find out which one hold the ball. It can be perform anytime anywhere and repeat performing without reset, very very cool mentalism magic!!

remark: package come with a Magnetic Detector (look like a watch, pls see photo) + magnet ball
This is an electronic accessory, the detection range is depends on the size of magnet you are using. It is a silent vibration unit.

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